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A sizeable eye-catcher!

Rotterdam is familiar with the Hulstkamp Gebouw from our grandfathers’ tales, as a proud eye-catcher on the Noordereiland. You probably know the building already; you have more than likely driven down the Maasboulevard a thousdan times or more…

But did you know that this stunning building was a gin distillery for Hulstkamp Jenever? And that you can host spectacular events or stylish dinners here?

The Hulstkamp Gebouw is one of the few buildings in this modern city that has stood the test of time. And nowadays, it is well known as a versatile and authentic event location, situated on the banks of the Maas, near the famous Erasmus bridge.

Historically modern

Your event, down to the tiniest details.

A Grand Dame; the first stone was laid in 1888…

An historic gem, a landmark in the centre of the modern and recognisable skyline of Rotterdam. What used to be one of the largest gin breweries in the Netherlands is now available for events.

Inside, you will be surprised by the stunning historical elements, the impressive height of the Wintertuin, with the 18 metre high tree, and also the contemporary appearance of our halls. Of course, all mod-cons are provided, as well as a team that can help you with ideas and create your successful event, down to the tiniest details!

Discover the possibilities

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Your event

TV/Film recording and photo shoots

Back in the early 1980’s the famous Dutch TV-host Sonja Barend knew that the place to be was… the Hulstkamp Gebouw!

Over the past few years, numerous TV and film recording has taken place in the Hulstkamp Gebouw. For long-running productions, there is the option to retain the sets. And set lorries can easily access the location.

If you are a location scout or production manager, please contact us and we can look at accommodating your needs and requirements.



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